The Blueprint for Running Memorable Recreational Events & Groups

Regardless of the sport, hobby, or pastime, this all-in-one event management platform helps you do less work planning so you can spend more time playing.

Why Choose Us?

Build a Thriving Community

Find people in your local network looking for events to join, teams to be a part of, or even just friends. We’ll connect you to opportunities that align with your interests and foster new connections in your local circle.

Less Time Organizing

Experience effortless organization for your hobbies, giving you more time for playing and less for planning. Our tools simplify your scheduling and amplify your fun.

Endorse Your Community Members

Want to endorse the incredible talents and activities of your fellow enthusiasts? Explore the art of recognition as you highlight and celebrate each other's strengths all while helping to build a safe, verified community.

Less Time Organizing.

Enjoy More Time Playing.

Are you tired of spending endless hours organizing your DnD Campaign? Too Busy to desperately search for subs for your Thursday Rec Leagues? Its time to worry less about wrestling with logistics and more time enjoying the activities you love. Our streamlined solutions make organization effortless, ensuring you have more leisure time to play and connect with others. Discover a hassle-free approach to managing your commitments — because life's too short for unnecessary work.

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"How do I find others to join my events, teams, & groups?"

You've discovered a passion, but bridging the gap with fellow enthusiasts can be intimidating when you're new to the area, a novice in the hobby, or simply looking to expand your community.

Heres How Gametime Hero Can Help:

Effortlessly Create a New Event in Seconds: Turn event creation into a breeze, no matter the scale. Easy-to-use features provide a seamless process for organizing the event, assembling teams, and coordinating participants, paving the way for memorable experiences.
Manage Groups & Teams of Any Size: Leverage smart tools and AI for an organized, coordinated approach to team-based recreation, enhancing communication and collaboration across groups of any size.
One Easy Interface to Manage Everything: Enjoy a comprehensive, single-view interface that makes every part of organizing recreational activites effortless and fosters connections with people who share your interests.
Dynamic Community Connection: Connect with enthusiasts in your area. Showcase and endorse others for their activities and skills while also discovering last-minute subs, replacements, or new friends to enhance your recreational experiences. Join a supportive network that celebrates talents and fosters camaraderie.

"Its solving when you want to play but you dont know where to go to do it!"

Mark Burik
Founder of Better at Beach

"Life-Changing Platform!"

" It's often very challenging finding last minute subs using my private list of 100 subs. I also have not always been able to find players by posting to the 4500 members of the Twin Cities Volleyball Facebook page. Game Time Hero will solve this problem with players for any sport listing their skill level and days/times whether they are looking for a team to play on full time, find pickup games, or just when available to sub."

Deano C.
Pickleball Player
"Best One Around"

"When setting up pick-up games for volleyball, I often find it a challenge to get people of a similar skill level. I’m excited to use this app which will enable me to first invite people of my skill level to my events, and then if I’m still in need of more players I can drop one level to widen the invite."

Eric P
Sports Organizer
"Incredible Customization"

"As a team captain in a competitive volleyball league, when one of my players needs to miss a match, it can be incredibly time consuming to find a not only qualified sub, but also someone who's got a great attitude and will show up on time and ready to play their heart out. Game Time Hero's ability to source the players AND rank them, would easily reduce my search time by at least an hour or two a week."

Brianna E.
Volleyball Player

Simple Plans, Dynamic Events & Groups

Organize exactly how you need, no matter your budget.

Its Always


Yes, Its Really Free.

  • Search for Groups, Events, and Other Participants.
  • Highlight Your Skills & Showcase Your Availablity.
  • Create Events & Pickup Games. (5% Platform fee)
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Best for Basic Events

  • 5% Platform Fee for Events
  • 1 team Included Free
  • Limited Event Creation In-app
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Best for Events with Multiple Teams

  • No Platform Fees, Ever
  • No Limit on Events
  • 3 Teams Max
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Best for Professional Event Organizer

  • No Platform Fees, Ever
  • Unlimited Event Creation
  • Unlimited Team Creation
  • Priority Support
  • Always-on, Priority Support.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are, that question you still have will be answered here.

What happens after I select a plan?
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Once you sign up for Gametime Hero, you'll receive a welcome email packed with essential steps to help you hit the ground running. From October 6th, you'll have instant access to our beta platform, inviting you to dive in and start exploring our exciting features.

How much does this cost?
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Gametime Hero is free to use for basic features. As we continue to develop and introduce more advanced features, some of them may be available for a small fee. We are committed to providing a valuable experience while keeping our service accessible.

How often does Gametime Hero release new features?
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In our beta phase, we're all ears for your feedback and suggestions. We're constantly fine-tuning and enriching Gametime Hero with innovative features, and we encourage you to stay in the loop with our ongoing enhancements.

Can I upgrade my plan if I need more events or groups?
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Switching between plans is a breeze with Gametime Hero. Simply head over to your account settings, where you'll find the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or modify your plan whenever you need.

How does Gametime Hero protect my data?
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At Gametime Hero, we take your data security very seriously. We employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect your information. Our dedicated team, including our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is committed to ensuring the highest level of data security. You can reach out to our CTO at if you have any specific concerns or questions regarding data security.

How can I contact your customer support?
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Your data security is our top priority at Gametime Hero. We utilize the latest security protocols to safeguard your information. Our dedicated team, spearheaded by our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is committed to upholding the highest standards of data security. If you have any specific questions or concerns about data security, feel free to reach out to our CTO at

Want to Learn More Before Creating Your First Event or Group?

Grab some time with our founding team to discover how we can assist in migrating your teams and groups, initiating new ones, and enhancing your organization.