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Explore Vibrant Recreational Communities

Discover a wide selection of events & group that mirror your passions. Participate in activities that sync with your leisure preferences, transforming your everyday life into vibrant experiences. Seamlessly navigate through:

Dynamic Events: Experience a realm of thrilling events that are tailored specifically to your interests. Engage in activities that align with your recreational desires, adding a burst of excitement to your everyday life.
Collaborative Teams: Challenge and enhance your skills by collaborating with teams that align with your interests and skill level. Meet individuals who share your commitment to the activities you love, thereby enriching your recreational journey.
Forge New Connections: Establish relationships with individuals who have similar hobbies and interests. Expand your network and deepen your recreational experiences by fostering connections within these communities.

Features Made for You

Feel Free to Join Any Activity

Gametime Hero is meticulously designed to empower your leisure pursuits, putting the reins of control right at your fingertips.

One Easy Interface to Navigate All Your Needs: Participate with ease with a singular view that simplifies connections with individuals sharing your interests and widens your recreational activity options.
Effortlessly Organize Your Events Calendar: Embrace a platform designed to streamline your recreational activities. Centralize your commitments and stay in tune with your passions, ensuring they always get the time they deserve.
Safely Connect and Personalize: Gametime Hero offers a safe haven for recreational enthusiasts. Our platform ensures genuine connections and verified participants, allowing you to tailor your experience to your skill level. Enjoy the liberty to engage in your favorite activities with assurance and serenity.

Safely connect with likeminded people

Gametime Hero keeps you connected to your favorite activities, no matter where you are. Embrace transitions with ease, discover new passions, and make lasting connections.



New in town? We help you reconnect with your favorite hobbies and meet like-minded individuals.


Frequent Travelers

Always on the move? Find local activities and hobby groups wherever you go.


Career Transition Explorers

Starting a new job? Seamlessly integrate your hobbies into your new lifestyle.


Hobbies & Pastimes Learners

Eager to explore new hobbies? Discover and engage in local pastime activities.


Social Connectors

Looking to expand your social circle? Connect with others who share your interests.

Recreational Challengers

In search of a challenge? Join local recreational groups for fun and competition.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about their transformative experiences with our platform.

"Life-Changing Platform!"

"It's often very challenging finding last minute subs using my private list of 100 subs. I also have not always been able to find players by posting to the 4500 members of the Twin Cities Volleyball Facebook page. Game Time Hero will solve this problem with players for any sport listing their skill level and days/times whether they are looking for a team to play on full time, find pickup games, or just when available to sub."

Deano C.
Pickleball Player
"Best One Around"

"When setting up pick-up games for volleyball, I often find it a challenge to get people of a similar skill level. I’m excited to use this app which will enable me to first invite people of my skill level to my events, and then if I’m still in need of more players I can drop one level to widen the invite."

Eric P
Sports Organizer
"Incredible Customization"

"As a team captain in a competitive volleyball league, when one of my players needs to miss a match, it can be incredibly time consuming to find a not only qualified sub, but also someone who's got a great attitude and will show up on time and ready to play their heart out. Game Time Hero's ability to source the players AND rank them, would easily reduce my search time by at least an hour or two a week."

Brianna E.
Volleyball Player

Affordable Participant Pricing

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Yes, Its Really Free.

  • Search for Groups, Events, and Other Participants.
  • Highlight Your Skills & Showcase Your Availablity.
  • Create Events & Pickup Games. (5% Platform fee)
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The Basic Package

  • 5% Platform Fee for Events
  • 1 Free Team/Group
  • Limited Event Creation
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Everything In Rookie PLUS...

  • No Platform Fees
  • No Limit on Events
  • 3 Teams Max
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Hall of Fame


Everything In All-Star PLUS...

  • Unlimited Teams
  • No Platform fees
  • No Limit on events
  • Priority Support
  • Plus MUCH more....
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions that can help you better understand our platform. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our support team.

What happens after I sign up for Gametime Hero

After signing up for Gametime Hero, you will receive a confirmation email that contains essential onboarding information to help you get started. Starting from October 6th, you'll gain immediate access to the beta platform, allowing you to explore and enjoy our features right away.

How much does this cost?

Its always FREE for People looking to join communities.

When will new features be released?

Please Refer to our Our Roadmap to see our upcoming releases.

Featured Testimonial

"Its solving when you want to play but you dont know where to go to do it!"
Mark Burik
Founder of Better at Beach

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